Design & Construct
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Design & Construct

SA Construct offers a design and construct service to help design, develop, manufacture, and install challenging façade solutions.

Our team of in-house designers and highly skilled draftsmen work with architects and builders to take design concepts and develop practical construction solutions. We excel at collaboratively developing building solutions that meet design intent and work for all parties.

Our ability to develop innovative, effective design and construct solutions sets us apart from our competitors. Using industry-leading 3D modelling software, we are able to facilitate the most challenging installs to the highest quality. From balustrades and fins to complex architectural elements, we tailor unique and effective fixing systems to meet our client’s specific needs.


Our quality control system, which is suitable for large-scale commercial projects, ensures high-quality delivery whatever a project’s size, scale, or complexity.

As part of SA Construct’s commitment to quality and service all our work is done in house, allowing us unparalleled control over time and quality performance.

SA Construct is a South Australian leader in commercial and residential roofing, and architectural external cladding and façade projects.

From small residential cladding solutions to major public private partnership (PPP) projects, we have established a strong reputation for reliable, innovative, high-quality work that often exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Since 2011 we’ve worked with builders, property developers, businesses, and large construction companies to deliver innovative cladding and roofing solutions.

With one of the largest, most experienced teams in the industry in South Australia, SA Construct works across all tiers of the construction market. From Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 commercial construction companies to residential construction companies, we work with our clients to achieve exceptional outcomes.

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver high quality projects to extremely tight time frames. SA Construct works across Adelaide’s CBD and metropolitan areas, and also in regional and outback South Australia, Western Australia, and Victoria.